How to Captivate Your Audience

How to Captivate Your Audience

Become the speaker everyone remembers.

Are you ready to take your speaking game to next level? 

Do you want to always get a standing ovation? 

Do you want to learn the performance techniques that make speakers stand out?

Tricia will teach you how to write your through-line, so you can perform your talk powerfully. She will teach you the importance of arc, so you take your audience on a journey they will never forget and she’ll teach you why context will make certain that your big talk always has a global impact. 

Finally, she is going to teach you how to deliver your talk so you become authentic and powerful every time you take the stage. 

When you are clear on your through-line, arc and apply these performance techniques to your big talk, you will become an effective and captivating public speaker.  

In this 2 part video series, you will learn all of the techniques Tricia uses with her speakers so you can deliver your big talk like a boss.

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Video Series

In this two-part video series, Tricia not only teaches you about through-line, arc and style, so that your application will stand out from the rest, but she also, interviews Antuan Magic Raimone (Broadway’s Hamilton) and Sarah Montana (The Hallmark Channel) on how they deal with nerves.

By learning tips and tricks from these seasoned speakers, you too can work through your nerves and become captivating every time you take a stage.


10 companion references, templates, and worksheets to help you in your journey to becoming a first-class public speaker. 

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