The Fearless Speaker (Self-Study)


The Brouk Method goes far beyond typical public speaking techniques, making Tricia’s courses true masterclasses where you learn from someone who has been on the stage you want to be on, and coached actors to do what you want to do.

Tricia has been on both sides of the table in film, TV, and theater. As a curator, she has evaluated thousands of applications.  And as a coach, Tricia has helped countless speakers overcome their fears, guiding them to the next phase of their career in public speaking.

Now Tricia can help you increase your speaking authority, so you can build a strong and authentic stage presence that will make a powerful impression every time. Her masterclasses will give your story a stage, and give you the confidence and tools you need to make a global impact as a fearless speaker.


  • Event Applications Demystified
  • Before & After the Pitch: Copy That Gets You Noticed
  • Four Ways to Eliminate Self-Judgment & Become a Fearless Speaker
  • Crafting Your Winning Application
  • The Ultimate List of Acting Verbs
  • Know Who You’re Talking To: Audience Analysis Email Template
  • How to Captivate Your Audience
  • Closing Strong: How to Leave a Lasting Impression
  • Opening Strong: How to Get Your Audience to Lean In
  • Identify what you want from your Audience and Get it
  • Audience Impact: Knowing What You Want & Getting It
  • Mastering Objective & Action for Persuasive Performance
  • Memorizing Made Easy: 3 Proven Techniques
  • Earth, Air, Wind & Fire: An Elemental Remedy for Stage Fright
  • The One Thing You Should NEVER Do From the Stage
  • Build Your Confidence with Constructive Evaluation

In the Self-Study Version of The Fearless Speaker, you receive everything: 

  • All training videos
  • Resource guides
  • Templates (emails)
  • Improvement tracker
  • Scripts


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Docu-Series (Videos)

4 Lessons

This 4 part docu-series is a Big Talk Production, Tricia’s film company, so they are not only educational but also entertaining. Tricia will give you expert advice, while also keeping your attention.

Resources (Downloads)

1 Lessons

18 companion reference guides, templates, and worksheets to support you in becoming a Fearless Speaker.